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A.K.C., U.K.C. Nohaus's Neat Bundle Sharona  O.F.A
Here is the proud momma with her babies.

U.K..C. A.K.C ShadowValley;s Little G.T.O..O.F.A prelimed

SIRE: U.K..C. A.K.C ShadowValley;s Little G.T.O..O.F.A prelimed

Benjamin and Holly
Holly is loved and owned by Ben.

Holly and Grace
Nohaus's Neat Little Holly (AKA Holly) and
Nohaus's Amazing Grace

Nohaus's Amazing Grace
(AKA Gracie)


It was my Mother (pictured at the right) -- whose  love  and devotion  to the German Shepherd dog is what got me started in the breed and who also inspired me to create  Nohaus Shepherds. 

Pictured here with my mother and myself are two Nohaus Shepherd puppies, Holly and Gracie

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